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«Knowledge is the key», a classic but significant proverb of the millennia, TA Graphics is new institute which brings an education supply for the infinite demand of knowledge. It is a private limited company which gets its birth in Nov.2014 G.c by Mr. Alemu Engida & Mr. Tamene T/yohannes.

As an institute we have a short &long term plans. For the next one year we devote ourselves in making the estimated society to aware about the field of the studies. By this we mean not only to enlighten «what is graphics? », but also «what are the branches of graphics? » like did they want to know about print or web or video graphic? Because they should have to know what is before they run forward &that is also our mission in b/n the short & long plans like for the next 2-3 years to meet the estimated over lap demand we will open different branches in the capital city. After 5 years with the un doublet support of almighty we will upgrade our institute into a collage level. Not only that but hit it in to a leading firm on east Africa & if possible Continental. In order to reach to the targeted height without question we will face with different types of challenges, but with the good effort, with working hand to hand companies like that of your & most of all with the vision we set everything is possible.

Cause our institute is a starter the staff number is not more than nine, that means(3) instructors for print graphics ,Alemu Engida which is also one of the founder & vice manager of the institute for web we got Yonas Teka & one contract lecturer for the video graphic. When we came to the management crews Alem the secretarial accountant & Tamene T/yohannes is the G/Manger & the co-founder of the institute & also Fasika is our institute Janitor.     

We can not complain much but we fear that for taking the students into field work shortage of materials like photo & video cameras will occur, that is without forgetting the luck.

Graphics Design

  • Basic Design                                            
  • Digital Media                                              
  • Adobe Photoshop CC                                    
  • Adobe Illustrator CC                                      
  • Adobe In design CC                                     
  • Corel Draw X7
  • Social Media                                          

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Website Design

  • HTML/CSS     
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  •  Content Management